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“You’ve brought something back into my life that doctors can’t prescribe – and that is happiness”

– Wish Parent

Everyday, a child is diagnosed with a critical illness that will change their life forever. Often children with critical illnesses will have their childhood robbed from them – no longer able to play and with little resources to spend for fun experiences.

Make-a-Wish Foundation seeks to uncover the ONE TRUE WISH of a child with a critical illness to help them be a child again, full of hope, strength, and joy. 

With your help – we can transform lives, one wish at a time!

Your 100.00 can buy a tiara to enhance the costume of a child wishing to be a princess!
Your 500.00 can provide a captain’s hat for a kid wishing to be a pilot
Your 1,000.00 can provide an array of drawing pens for a wish kid dreaming to become an artist!
Your 5,000.00 can be used to hire a car to bring a wish kid to a once in a lifetime beach bonding experience with the family!
Your 10,000 can sponsor a wish reveal party so that a wish child can say that “this is the best day ever!”

Any amount you donate, big or small, can contribute to life-transforming wishes!

Other ways to help

In-kind Donations

Donate new toys or gadgets, provide car services, offer event venues, and the like. Contact us for a list of items our wish teams need.

Create A Fundraiser

Conducting fundraising events (such as art exhibits, shows, tournaments, garage/bake sales, etc.) and choose Make-A-Wish Foundation Philippines as your beneficiary. Contact us to discuss your creative ideas.

Cause Related Marketing

Share proceeds from sales of your products/services to help make wishes come true. Contact us how our brands can collaborate to give hope.

Celebrate Milestones

Make your birthday, anniversaries and other milestones by extra memorable by granting wishes on your special day. Contact us to plan your life-changing celebration.

Cash or Check Donations

We also accept donations via bank deposit thru these accounts:

BDO (Peso)

Make-A-Wish Foundation
of the Philippines

AC# 002040070245

BDO (Dollar)

Make-A-Wish Foundation
of the Philippines

SA# 102040072817

RCBC (Peso)

Make-A-Wish Foundation
of the Philippines

SA# 1288365551

RCBC (Dollar)

Make-A-Wish Foundation
of the Philippines

SA# 8288002313

Please email a photo of the deposit slip to info@wishes.ph so we can send an official receipt.