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“All you knead is love.”

For 13-year old Wish Kid Lara, baking is a source of joy and hope to continue looking forward to better days. As she battles with Langerhans cell histiocytosis, a type of cancer, Lara is inspired by all the baked goods she can create. Lara faced one challenge dough: she didn’t have an oven that she could use to bake pastries for her loved ones.

With that in mind, a group of Make-A-Wish Philippines volunteers excitedly teamed up to make Lara’s wish crumb true! 

During the Wish Design stage of the Wish Journey, Make-A-Wish Philippines set up virtual meetings to get to know Lara more and plan the best wish experience. In Wish Anticipation, she received a care package filled with gifts that brought her joy. This package had cookbooks and baking games prepared by volunteers and staff, as well as pastries donated by some of last year’s Bake-A-Wish participants.

Screenshot of Zoom meeting among Make-A-Wish Philippines volunteers, staff, and wish kid

Lara and the Make-A-Wish team are all smiles as they wrap up their fun Zoom meeting.

The Wish Team cheered Lara on with uplifting video messages to make her feel that she was not alone. This especially helped Lara while she underwent chemotherapy procedures. As she felt better, the volunteers arranged a virtual cupcake decorating session to celebrate finishing her treatment!

Finally, the much-awaited day of Wish Realization arrived, and Lara’s wish to have her very own oven came true! The volunteers surprised her with the kitchen appliance, together with other baking tools.

To show her heartfelt thanks, Lara prepared a baking demo for chewy chocolate chip cookies. Everyone was so amazed – the cookies got a standing oven-ation!

Since then, Lara’s mom has been updating Make-A-Wish Philippines about her improved condition. She has continued to send pictures of Lara’s baked goodies, including the birthday cake Lara once baked for her. Watch this heartwarming video until the end to see the goodies she’s made since receiving her oven and supplies!

Lara’s wish story is full of sweetness and inspiration. It shows the lasting effect of a wish in the lives of not just the Wish Kid but of all the people involved in the Wish Journey. This includes everyone else touched by her courage and resilience.

Be part of the Make-A-Wish community and together, let’s bake more life-changing wishes for kids like Lara!

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