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Source: DMCI Homes
Additional Information written by Carla Miranda

DMCI Homes proved that they’re experts not only in constructing residential spaces but also in building children’s wishes when they partnered with Make-A-Wish Philippines (MAWPH) to grant JM’s wish to have toy construction trucks. 

MAWPH volunteers played a significant role in setting up the blueprints for JM’s Wish Grant. During the Wish Anticipation stage, they learned that wish kid JM (6, with a heart disorder) loves two things the most – construction vehicles and Spongebob Squarepants! The volunteers scheduled a virtual Krabby Patty Making Day with JM so he could live like Spongebob for a day. They sent him a DIY burger kit and themed pajamas and joined via video call as JM prepared Bikini Bottom’s famous burgers at home.

Screenshot of Zoom call between 5 people

Make-A-Wish Philippines volunteers were all smiles as they celebrated JM’s Day virtually.

Soon, plans were concretized and JM’s wish was close to realization. To build excitement, the volunteers showed JM real-life construction site videos and quizzed him about the name of the trucks – which he nailed!

Later in the afternoon, JM received the toy construction trucks that he had wished for, thanks to Make-A-Wish Philippines and DMCI Homes. He was all smiles and felt extremely grateful for the gifts he received.

When asked why DMCI Homes partnered with Make-A-Wish PH to make JM’s wish come true, Corporate Communications Manager Carlo Gahol said, “[W]e hope our simple gift will remind JM that we are all cheering for him and praying for his good health and success in life.”

Together, let us transform lives, one wish at a time. Become a Make-A-Wish corporate partner and email us at info@wishes.ph to learn more.